I graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu program in Hollywood, CA in August of 2008, but that’s not the only reason I started this blog.

Over the past couple of years, my Grandma and I have been cooking together once a week. She is Armenian so most of what we make has been her or my great-grandmother’s recipes from the old country. Lots of instructions “to taste” and “a handful” or “until it feels right”. I’ve been wanting to write down more accurate recipes, but that’s not the only reason I started this blog either.

Before I started Lisa Cooks, I decided to use my favorite search engine to look up some of these recipes. There’s a huge Armenian population both in Los Angeles, and in the midwest, believe it or not. I figured there had to be tons of recipes for the dishes I grew up on. I was wrong. I found loads of articles on where to buy Armenian food and describing what it was, but very few recipes. The recipes I did find were completely different from my Grandma’s way of doing things.

My great-grandmother was from a small village in Turkey called Hadjin. She fled during the Armenian genocide at the age of 12 on a boat by herself. That’s a whole other story I may tell someday on here. The reason I mention it now is, Hadjin had its own dialect and, as I’m finding out, its own food. The food is similar to other Armenian and even Greek food, but just enough different that I feel it should be documented somewhere.

I’ll document other culinary adventures here from time to time, but most of the content will be what I discover and learn from my Grandmother.


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