Creamy Orange Banana Smoothie

This smoothie has changed breakfast time for me. No more bagels or cereal, just this. It tastes like a creamsicle milkshake! It is 8 Weight Watchers plus points.

1 large or two small frozen bananas
2/3 cup fresh orange juice
1 tsp. vanilla extract
5 oz. (1 package) Trader Joes nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt

I cut up my banana and put it in a zip top bag in the freezer the night before. This is essential. Peeling a frozen banana is just about impossible. Learned that the hard way!

Dump everything into the blender and blend at maximum power. Drink up!

A variation on this is a frozen berry smoothie:
1 cup frozen berries
3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
5 oz. vanilla nonfat greek yogurt
This one is 7 WW plus points.


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